About Your Photographer: Megan E


Hey hello. I’m Megan. A Brisbane based equine photographer and artist; a mother of three; and a lover of natural light and simplicity. I found my passion six years ago, documenting my daughters life through my lens and before I knew it I was photographing products for e-commerce businesses across Australia. I returned to horse riding after the birth of my son and naturally found myself on the arena with my camera in hand photographing some of Brisbane’s most inspirational professional riders. It was here with the horses that I felt most at home and equine photography became my focus. I have since been invited into the homes and lives of horse lovers alike and have met and witnessed beautiful partnerships between horse and rider.

I grew up on the Sunshine Coast by the ocean. I was always certain about one thing more than anything else in my life: horses made my heart happy. In my years just out of school I followed the sound of hooves throughout Australia, working on Thoroughbred Studs and Event Yards, some of the most heart-warming days of my life. I ventured from the coast to the hills of South Australia and the outskirts of Toowoomba and back again, before establishing a corporate career in marketing, branding and design.

In the last five years my partner Dan and I welcomed our three children into our lives. We moved to Brisbane perfectly positioned on small acreage surrounded by Jacaranda trees and an abundance of native flowers with arenas, farms, and equestrian clubs around every corner. Our children have space to grow here, I have space to create here. This is home.

It makes perfect sense where I am; melding my passion for photography with my love of horses; telling visual stories of beauty, strength and connection. I found my passion while raising our three blonde-haired, blue-eyed babies. My business and print collections are forever evolving. Horses still make my heart happy. I hope my images evoke emotion within you the way they do in me.